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Advantages of Rolling Shutter Automation

The main benefit of roller shutters is the security they provide for your home from intruders. It’s hard to remove or bypass roller shutters because they are very closely fitted to the window and cannot be pulled away or broken through without a great deal of effort and noise. As well as being an excellent physical deterrent, they are also a brilliant visual deterrent as would be intruders see your closed shutters and will likely move on, knowing it is not worth the effort of trying to gain entry to your home.

Another benefit of roller shutters is to protect your doors and windows against inclement weather. In case of damaging weather like hail, cyclones or storms, just close the shutters and feel secure that your shutters will easily deflect branches and other debris that can break glass and cause damage to your home. Roller shutters don’t rattle during high winds & offer a thick wall of insulation from the elements.

In addition to weather protection, security, privacy & light control, roller shutters provide the additional benefit of reducing the noise coming from a busy main road, nearby airport traffic or loud barking dogs in your neighbourhood.

Shutters also give you a huge amount of control over the amount of light that enters the room. You can choose to completely darken the room by lowering the shutters fully or you can have them open so that sunlight floods the room. It’s your choice. They also give you control over airflow into your house. Let in the fresh air or keep an obnoxious smell out.

With energy becoming scarce, prices are soaring. Energy saving has become a major concern. 70% of your heat and 46% of your air conditioning is leaving your home through your doors and windows — and that is only if they are in good condition! The demand for the roller shutters has risen steeply as residents try to reduce rising power bills, especially in the past five years.

Roller Shutters are foam-filled aluminium profile used over doors and windows to keep out harsh weather patterns like high winds, heat, cold and dust. Industry standards state that the roller shutters lower power consumption as much as 64% year-round. The roller shutters can be operated manually, with switch and by remote control. As the families are growing fast, more and more people are building houses. In summer, with Roller Shutters are utilized to keep the heat out of the house and cool both the upstairs and downstairs. In many cases without roller shutters, households have not been able to control rising heat, which overloads air conditioning units. But with installing roller shutters, this issue can be resolved.

Advantages of Automatic Shutters

  • Automatic roller shutters are sleek, classy and smooth
  • Suitable for most places, best for large coverings and outdoor areas.
  • Easy hauling with a remote control or a wall switch
  • Easy to clean – minimal dust accumulation in the concealed sheath while not in use.
  • Can close all shutters of the home all at once with one click. Most suitable for large areas.
  • The remote control enables you to install roller shutters in hard to access areas.
  • Best for heavy shutters of metal or other heavy materials which is indispensable for security and protection.

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