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Benefits of Fire Doors

Fire Doors are mainly used to prevent the spread of fire throughout the building in case of any fire accidents. In that time the people inside the building can be easily evacuated outside without any damage. They provide high resistance to fire. The installing of Fire Doors in industries, private complexes, shopping malls, corporate and apartments will reduce the risk of fire accidents.

The fire doors are made of several materials according to the user needs. Glass fire doors, Timber fire doors and steel fire doors.

Let’s see the Benefits of Fire Resistant doors

Ordinary glasses breakdown in case of fire accident but Glass fire door can withstand the spreading of fire for more time and delays the spread of fire. They can provide 30mins extra time to exit of the occupants of the building.

Fire Doors are manufactured from non-toxic materials and no external agent or fire can make it to produce toxic gases while burning. They come only in particular colors.

There was a fire accident in a school and the fire service vehicle arrived late to the spot but before that, all the students were evacuated from the school building without any injuries to the school students. The school building was installed with fire door with an alarm so at the proper time all students were rescued.

The Fire Doors are also capable of resisting fire for a long time without spreading to the other building and avoid causing much physical damage to the properties.

They are automatically operated with sensors. So in case of any fire accident fire alarm starting ringing. They can also be operated using remote controllers.

Fire Doors made of timber are installed in big apartments and offices with a heat resistant glass insulated by wire mesh.

Fire Doors made of steel and stainless are likely to be used in industries, restaurants kitchens which are easy to maintain and provide higher resistance towards the fire.

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