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Working of Swing Gates

Swing Gates are operated automatically within the given area. They can be activated using a variety of actuators. Underground actuators for carrying the heavy load in case the gate is weightier and above ground actuators for the hydraulic and electro-mechanical equipment.


According to the size and shape of the gate underground or above ground actuator is used.

Swing gates are made of the self-locking motor which helps in the movement of the gates.

The operating mode is set to the motors which are in connection with the remote controller.

When the Stop button is pressed the swing switches into the operating mode then makes swing panel to the reset mode.

Then the locking device unblocks the electrical drive and rotates the swing panel.

The gate remains open until the given time. After that electrical drive resets the swing gate and the gate remains always closed till the next operation.

In case of any power failure, the built-in standby power ensures the proper operation of the swing gate.

The swing gates are also provided with a mechanical release lock to in case of any emergency or gate is a not working properly the swing panel can be manually opened in either direction.

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