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RFID- A technological wave in automation

RFID is abbreviated as Radio Frequency Identification System, a new generation technology to automating the vehicles parking and industrial shipping process. It is radio communication system, in which every system has given a most unique ID, reader, barcode scanners and identification tags. It can sense the entry and exit of vehicles. Investing in automation always can never be a bane.

How RFID is automated?

   1.It allows automation systems by allowing things to be tagged and traced. It will be more convenient for easily identified for automating.

   2.It uses low voltage power radio frequencies to read from and write on the tags. Using radio signals manual power can reduce as the direct communication takes place within the reader and the tags.

   3.The information about the product is recorded in the tag and transmitted to the reader using radio frequencies which is then connected to the computer.

   4.Based on the tags recognition and the input given to the computer it can identify the object is secured or not.

   5.The radio signals from the reader emitted to the tag which consists of the ID meets and responds back to the reader.


   1.Nowadays the tag attached to the vehicles enables easy access to entry of locations and waiting time can be reduced. This is a most efficient use of parking in public areas and secured environments.

   2.The parking system of entire city and state can also be controlled by RFID.

   3.Tickets in station metro stations contain the tags for entry and exit of the passengers.

   4.In toll gates using RFID automation entry and exit of the vehicles time, details of the owner, contact and registration number can be noted in toll booths.

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