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Working of Central Vacuum System

    Central Vacuum Cleaner reduces the heavy work of carrying the equipment from one room to other room. The dust and other wastes can be removed from home and thrown out. Central Vacuum System has more power than other types of vacuum cleaners. They also do not produce much noise than other cleaners.

How does it work?

  1. With the installation of this system there won’t be any bad smell to remain at home.

  2. The powerful motor provides strong energy to suck the wastes and separate by using the filters.

   3.The whole system can be kept in garage or basement room.

   4.The pipes and hoses installed in interior walls and floors are connected to the main power unit with motor.

   5.The vacuum motor pushes the air through the pipes and hoses and all the dust, debris and unwanted wastes are carried out through the pipes and deposited on the container kept in the basement.

   6.Depending on the type of filters used in the motor it can be changed over 3 months or a year.

   7.You just have to only carry the power brush component from room to room fitted to the hose pipes.

   8.By the using of centralized vacuum cleaner all the dust and other particles can be removed from the home without any noise.

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