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Installation of folding doors

   Measure the height and width of the wall opening where the folding door is to be fixed and trim the doors if there is some difference in height and weight.

   Place the lower pivot hinge on the floor vertical to the frame and put two screws tightly.

   Place the fasten track on the top of the frame and insert the top pivot hinge and tight it with screws. Then insert a sliding gate on the fasten track.

   Bang at the two spring pivot hinges at the top of the door using a hammer. One hinge must be attached to the pivot door and other to the guiding door.

   Slightly lift the folded door and insert the first top pivot hinge into the pivot support, and then insert the other pivot hinge into the sliding gate.

   Then lower the doors so that the adjustable blots insert properly on the anchor in lower hinge.

   Check whether the lower adjustable bolts are properly inserted on the anchor.

   To open and close the doors unscrew the nut holding the support and then move the top pivot hinge. Then move the pivot hinge to the desired location and tighten the screw again.

   The doors are to be leveled properly before the tightening of the screws.

    Drill a hole on the door to fix the pull or handles for opening and closing.

   Then finally place the brackets at the back of two doors using the screws and adjust front and back until the doors are properly working.


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