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Trends in Industrial Sectional Doors

Industrial Sectional Doors are mostly built industrial and logistics areas. It has more industrial and commercial purposes. They are more flexible and easy to use. These doors open vertically and create more space front and behind the door this allows to park the vehicles very closer to the door allowing using more space inside the building. The sectional doors are made of steel and aluminum or combination of both. The door when opened the section fold up and lie flat under the ceiling.


Aluminum Sectional Doors: They are transparently used to see through the door. They are mainly used for security purposes and gives good look.

Steel Sectional Doors: They are made up of aluminum, steel or combination of both. Main types are the standard lift, high lift and vertical lift.

Insulated Sectional Door: They have high strength and durability. Insulated with steel and mostly used in industrial and commercial applications.

Overhead Sectional Cold Storage Doors: They have insulated panel for both negative and positive temperature. Used for loading and unloading of goods in industrial areas.


à By the construction of these doors while enables the whole door opening in industrial and warehouse areas where trucks and other vehicles come and go.

à Used in sectional doors for the mining industry and in high-security regions such as military and airports.

à The aluminum and steel insulated sectional door allows a lot of light enter the hall creating a bright atmosphere.

àThese are very easy to install, produce less noise and easy to open and operate.

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