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Full Height Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstiles are mainly used externally to provide secured entrance within the perimeter protection of the site. They are engineered to meet the most demanding security and control requirements. The turnstiles may be unidirectional or bi-directional control and the rotation of the arms can also be programmed. Turnstiles can be programmed to set free passage or controlled passage as per the requirement. The turnstiles are highly recommended to install on the cement platforms.

Maintaining Turnstiles

The regular maintenance will sustain the turnstile with superior working conditions for a long time. Here are few tips to maintain full height turnstiles,

  • *Cut off the power before cleaning or lubricating the turnstiles.
  • *Polish and wax the turnstiles once in six months.
  • *Check and tighten the connections parts regularly.
  • *Check often the external power supply is wrapped and safe.
  • *Regularly replace the old electronic components.

Benefits of Full-height

  • *Manages the disciplined traffic flow of visitors in public places, especially in the airports, railway stations, stadiums and many other public areas.
  • *The rotational speed of the arm can be controlled to provide safe rotation, even if the arms are pushed so rapidly.
  • *Turnstiles integrated with card reader system and biometrics secures from unauthorized entries, no more human errors in the access of unauthorized persons inside the premises.
  • *If the passage is controlled then there is no need for the security personnel to monitor the entrance.
  • *The turnstiles are made of high-end steels to provide long-term usage.
  • *Adjustable manual access to the turnstiles during the power failures.
  • *As High-end steels are used, it can withstand any weather conditions.
  • *Turnstiles are easy to install and easy to maintain.

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