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Working of Blockers


They are protective barriers and boundary markers. It acts as visual guides, reminding drivers to drive carefully in certain areas. Mainly used for security reasons.

How do they work?  The raising and lowering of bollard can be initiated by a person stationed in a gas house? The bollards mainly used are Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Electronic piston Drive Systems.

  • Pneumatic uses compressed air to move a piston in a linear motion within the cylinder. Advantages of this system is its simplicity, accuracy, and minimal maintenance.
  • Hydraulic Systems use an incompressible fluid being pushed by a pump with its cylinder. This system has their highest force output is almost 25 times greater than a pneumatic system.
  • Electronic piston Drive System uses an electronic motor to push the piston within the cylinder. They have higher precision control.

Road Blockers

 They provide higher levels of security built in stopping power and are extensively used in banks and embassies.

How do they work?

  • Electrically operated Rising Road Blockers is operated through a control unit that can be positioned far away as 20m.
  • Hydraulic operated Rising Road Blockers is operated by an energy accumulator that can be positioned as far away as 5m.This facilitates placing several barriers end to end control exceptionally
  • Surface Mounted Road Blockers is installed directly on the road, therefore, it does not need any evacuation.

Traffic Blockers

They are used to control traffic spikes in gated communities, hospitals, universities and corporate parking facilities.

How do they work?

  • The Cobra and King Cobra Traffic Spikes offer two plates handling extreme vehicle axle weight ratios.
  • Enforcer-Motorized Traffic spikes System control traffic by electro-mechanically moving teeth up to an active or secured position, and allow down to unrestricted passage to authorized vehicles.
  • Stingray-Concealed Traffic Spike Systems will puncture the tires of the offending vehicles while providing above grade, non-penetrating teeth. The below-grade tooth stays submerged until activated by wrong-way traffic

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