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Benefits of Sky roof Automation

-Automatic sky roofs add class and elegant look to your resident.

-Private window to the Universe and benefit from natural lights.

-The sky roofs are hinged at the top to offer the automatic comfort of free daylight into the resident and circulate the air.

-Automatic open or close as programmed

-The sky roofs automatically open to ventilate the overheat and provide fresh air.

-The rain sensors automatically close the skylight when it detects rain.

-The manual mechanism exists in order to overcome the power failures.

-In case of emergency, it offers as an emergency exit.

-Prevent unwanted solar heat by leaf coverings if required.

-Available in any shapes as per the client requirement.

Automation zone offers the best solution to the problems of overheat and less ventilation faced so far, visit us to know more about the sky roof automation.


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