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Automatic Door Maintenance

The regular maintenance of the automatic doors will retain it in the superior working condition. Perform a daily safety check as safety is critically responsible for automation. It’s easier and cheaper to replace small minor parts than to replace a whole door. If a small part of the door is worn out or broken it is essential to fix it as soon as you can in order to maintain the door’s lifespan.

  • An essential tip to maintain a door is to keep it clean and clear, while cleaning the automatic doors, turn off the power and then wipe the doors and sensors.
  • Check the doors every morning or after the loss of electrical power for smooth operation.
  • Don’t push the doors manually, if a door is operating slowly don’t force it to work faster.
  • Make sure the doors are serviced by the door company on the mentioned duration.
  • Check whether doors are opening and closing properly if not then shut down the system immediately and call the professional staff to inspect.

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