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Working of Rolling Shutter

Rolling Shutter

The rolling shutter provides the enhanced security from the intruders, highly used in the commercial shops. This system is easily accessed by a remote controller. It is easy to operate and maintain smooth and quiet operation.


The roller contains a steel tube with a hollow motor, the shutter curtain is also called as slats are rolled around the finished aluminum shaft. The roller assembly is fitted into the building structure. The safety brakes are used to control the speed of the slats, in case of power failure manual operation is performed. If the shutter identifies any hindrance the centrifugal brake stops the operation. The slats runs up and down through the guides. The final bottom section of the curtain and is usually ‘T’ formed or ‘L’ formed to grant extra rigidity. The clutch box is used to for the automatic locking of the slats. The shutters can be accessed using remote control, a manual push button and the manual operations can also be performed.

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