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Benefits of High Speed Doors

The automatic high speed doors are most essential for industrial applications where the high goods traffic occurs, these doors fulfill the special requirements. The doors are manufactured with flexible, high tear, tensile imported PVC material. The speed of the door operating is measured 4m/s for opening and the closing speed is limited to 2m/s, this operating speed avoids the rigidity of the doors. These doors offer a facility or business, increased volume processing, efficiency, and smooth logistical flows.

Benefits of High Speed doors

  • Easy flow of vehicles to control traffic in busy doorways.
  • Speed adjustment is possible
  • The modern and variable look of high speed door perfectly matches the architecture of any building.
  • Controls the environment from dirt and dust hence no airborne contaminations in the food and beverages manufacturing premises.
  • High speed doors minimize the waiting time and accelerate the logistic process.
  • Enables easy and quick passage from inside and outside the supermarkets.
  • Essential in the places where people working with highly volatile and flammable products.
  • Saves energy during heating or refrigerating operations
  • Secures from unauthorized area entering and also unauthorized personnel access.
  • These doors require lower maintenance and repair cost.

Automation zone manufactures the high speed doors with all the essential benefits, provides safety and security at your door steps.

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