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Curtain Motor Automation

A curtain decorates your home, provides comfort and privacy, the lighting sheers change the atmosphere of the room. The automated curtain adds class and elegance look to your home. This system provides easier, no noise and more convenient access, the curtain motor can be programmed to close automatically.

Benefits of Autozon Curtain

  • The curtain motor can be installed on your own (DIY Concept)
  • Tracks holding the curtain are in the adjustable size and all accessories easily carried with a single pack.
  • The tracks are assembled with the required length and the curtain runners are added.
  • The motor is mounted on the wall and the curtain is added to the runners.
  • The cables to operate are fixed to the hub, now sit back and relax to enjoy the technology.
  • The curtain track is also available at 90-degree angle which is one of the most specialties about the product.
  • Three options to operate the curtains, first just pull the curtains to open or close, second go with a remote controller and third open or close manually
  • Easy transportation, occupies only less space, provides full protection from the sun light or street light.
  • It is cost effective and extensively high quality, get a luxurious look and feel to your home with less effort.

Autozon offers a wonderful technological solution to all your problems and the curtain motor automation is the best example to validate the statement.

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