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RFID Parking System

The Radio Frequency Identification enhances the security and management and saves time in providing hassle free and convenient parking. No more human errors in checking the identification of the user, registering in the systems. The RFID system allows only the accessed users and the registration is also uncomplicated.

Working of RFID

The RFID reader is installed in the entrance/exit of gate premises, the RFID tags are placed on car’s windshield glass, these tags contain a registered microchip. When the car with the tag nears the gate the RFID reader generates an electromagnetic field. The authentication is done through Back scattered coupling, it is the link between the RFID reader and tag. If the tag is registered then the gate opens automatically and allows the accessed users and closes automatically else the access is denied.

Benefits of RFID

  • Strategic fit
  • Reduced traffic
  • High security – no annoying users
  • Real time reports no human error

Automation zone design and produce advanced RFID systems for automatic management of all types of car parks offering end to end services. As each project is unique we design customized systems for all entities like entries, exits, traffic flow, guidance systems and access management for every parking.

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