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Docking System & Easy Loading

Docking system is where goods are loaded and unloaded easily in a truck. They are found in commercial and industrial buildings and warehouses in particular, these systems are durable and reliable and also thermal efficient.

Why Docking system?

The docking system is robotized and lifts the truck that enters to deposit loads, the loading module is mounted on a transfer platform allowing transferring from dock door to dock door. The automatic system detects the vehicle and measures the length to optimize the load pattern.

The docking system bridges the gap between a docked vehicle and loading truck, offering smooth and safe transfer of goods. Automatic levelers facilitate accommodating with many different types and sizes of vehicle. The docking platform is made of high rated steel to withstand varying loads and heavy materials.

They are robust, durable with a long span of life, energy efficient and user-friendly and also offer improved energy efficient working conditions by sealing off the vehicle during loading. Mechanical fabric curtain or dock shelters protect against inclement weather and drought during loading and unloading.

They make ease in the process of loading and saves time. They may be used with the vehicles equipped with built-in lifts. Reduces man power sources and heavy lifting machineries.

Automation zone develops dock leveler and dock shelter with the latest improving technology and provides an expert counsel about the features.

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