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Automation of Doors

Automatic doors provide easier, more convenient access than manual doors. It open only when an incoming user or object triggers them to do so and then close again after the person or object passes through the door. This eliminates the incidence of doors being left open accidentally, which can save energy during heating or air conditioning is operating. These doors accommodate easy entrance for physically disabled peoples.

Automatic doors can help to position a company as a leader. First impressions are often significant and lasting. This lends an eloquent and sophisticated look to the resident. Automatic doors that are correctly maintained and serviced usually run smoothly for many years and virtually pay for themselves in terms of convenience and energy savings.

Automation of doors comes in different style, shape, colours and designs, like sliding doors, swing doors and folding doors, based on this three basic functioning of the doors, there are few more types of doors like curved sliding door, residential sectional doors, etc., each door has its own functioning and used in different places.

Automatic Sliding Doors are used frequently for two ways directional. Automatic sliding doors can be single sliding doors, bi-parting sliding doors, and telescopic sliding doors.

Automatic Swinging Doors are usually directional and used for one way traffic, either in or out. Automatic swinging doors can be single, pair, or double doors.

Automatic Folding Doors are usually installed when space is a consideration. Automatic folding doors can be single fold or bi fold doors, and pedestrians can move either direction through the same opening.

Revolving doors allow a large number of people in and out at the same time; these doors may have two wings, three wings or four wings.

Automation zone provides the various kinds of automatic doors with the latest improving technology and also an expert counsel about all the features.

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