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Gate Maintenance

Physically check the gates often since the minor problem will occur even if the costlier gates are used, and if the problems found out as small the replacement or maintenance will be easy. Check for the nails often before it gets loosen and cause greater damage. Lubricate the gates whenever it is required; remove the weeds and grasses around the gates because it will cause easy rusting due to moisture.

1. Painting technique

Unlike other conventional paints, the powder coated paints are not subjected to peeling, cracking or chipping; the dry paints are applied on the metal and heated, this cover forms a protective layer to the wrought iron gate. If this technique is costly then paint your gates with rust free paints often. The wooden gates are painted with anti-weather paints to enhance the durability.

2. Greasing

In the swing type doors, the hinges have to be greased at regular intervals, these doors need to open and closed often after greasing to enter grease into other parts. The hinges are the part which connects the gate to the wall.

In sliding gates the chains or the rollers need to be lubricated often for faster and convenient open and close of the sliding gate. Regularly apply grease to the chains to keep it rust free.

3. Silicon Spray

The grease will not be an effective method to use during the winter season, we use Silicon spray to prevent the freezing of hinges and provide easy access. Even the silicon spray can be used instead of grease. The automatic gates need to be cleaned and lubricated on regular basis, clean the tube with a soft cloth and apply silicon spray on the various parts of the gate.

Get the professional help if the damages are complex and you are helpless with your own techniques.

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