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How Does a Cold Storage Door Works?

Cold storage doors are used to maintain the temperature inside a particular region and locks the temperature it’s normally known to everyone, but there are few reasons that these doors are necessary to be automated.

Why Cold Storage Doors Automated?

Normal cold storage doors separately need a person to open the door and close the door for every entry. While opening or closing is done manually every time then there will be a maximum loss of temperature. It is really a time-consuming process. If the doors are automated there is no need for the manpower.

How do automated cold storage doors work?

The cold storage doors are constructed using fiberglass. The fibreglasses are insulated which reduces the rate of heat transfer. The automated doors have a magnetic loop detector and fix a particular range of magnetic field if a vehicle enters the range then the door opens automatically. Similarly, the motion detector is used for the entry of the humans.

These can also be manually operated; push-buttons are used predominantly for personnel traffic. Push-buttons are mounted on walls or columns in the vicinity of a door. In situations where the work for a man or a vehicle is near the door, the sensors are halted and push buttons are the solution. In the case of emergency no fear that the doors are jammed, there is a crank handle for opening the doors.


  • Non-conductive
  • Fast and automatic door opening
  • As strong as steel but light in weight
  • Smooth and silent while opening and closing
  • Even in extreme cold condition its maintains its shape and properties

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